"For a pianist melodist composer, simplicity is fundamental. I believe that the melody is essentially important because it stimulates us on a primal level by evoking profound feelings. This is why I consider myself more than a musician, I am a melodist.

As a composer, Music always means sharing for me: you taste it, you savor it and you delight in it. Each note, each breath, each phrase, beautifully fits in its place. As the music plays, it reveals the story with every line, every sentence commanding our emotions and instantly influencing our feelings. Inspiration evolves from the childlike innocence, simplicity in its purity.

Consequently when I compose a musical theme for a movie after reading a scenario or a book or watching the movie itself, I attempt to translate my feelings and images into the melody I write. I try to relay these same emotions successfully and succinctly to the viewer. The melody should be able to bring back to the viewer’s reminiscent the corresponding images in the film."